Welcome to Another Forgotten Blog

Welcome to Another Forgotten Blog. Over the years I have had blogs on a number of subjects. My first one was back in the early 2000s while I was working as a support rep for a software company and was clawing my way into a developer position. That chronicle of my adventures eventually became a tech blog where I was reviewing books and sharing cool things I learned along the way. Shortly after, my wife, DeAnna, and I had a travel blog, where we wrote about our trips around the world. It was great fun but eventually abandoned as life took us from one place to the next.

Finally, a few years ago I started a blog to chronicle my self-education in learning to cook a bit more “professionally”. That blog, The Home Cook Project, was the one I truly missed the most. Not too long after starting The Home Cook Project, I moved to Portland, OR, and got an apartment with a tiny kitchen and no space to cook. I also didn’t have any of my gear from my old house. It’s been a couple of years now and since I’ve bought a house with a large, beautiful kitchen. I’ve continued trying to self-educate myself on cooking, but the deep project I had going on was secondary to everything else.

Turning 40 will definitely make you stop and think. I decided to take stock of my life and decide what is important and what really brings me joy. As a result, I decided to start this project back up. While my previous blog was completely devoted to cooking, I think one of the reasons it was dropped was because it couldn’t adapt. It was too specific. My life is certainly about more than cooking and I often shift my focus with the wind. I’ve accepted this about myself and decided to make this blog a general journal of everything I find fascinating in life. I can almost guarantee that my focus on the culinary arts will be the number one category, but I expect you will read about my journey from developer to engineering manager (a career transition that I am just starting), stationary and pens, travel around the world, and crazy adventures with my lovely wife.

I look forward to sharing these experiences with you and hope you will stay a while and share your thoughts and joyous moments with me. We are in this life together, so let’s make it the best it can possibly be.

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