Kimchi & Spam Fried Rice

It isn’t often I get a recipe via email that makes me immediately stop and think I need to cook that as soon as possible. That was the case when I saw an email titled “Best eaten alone without pants on”, and showing a gorgeous picture of Kimchi and Spam Fried Rice, topped with a fried egg.

I had everything on hand, excluding the Spam, so I picked up a can at the grocery store and repurposed the leftover rice from the night before’s Thai takeout.

First, for the mise en place. This one had a small number of ingredients, but as with anything cooked the wok (and really anything you cook, period), you MUST prepare your ingredients ahead of time.

I fried up the spam to give it the slight browning it needs to hold together once the other ingredients are added.

Unfortunately, it was just me in the house, so there aren’t any pictures of the in-between time. Once you get going on the stir-fry, it’s 100% attention time until you finish. I did alter the recipe a little and instead used a slightly thinned (with water) gochujang sauce to dress the plate. I thought this gave it just a touch more of that Korean flavor.

So there you have it. You can eat this with or without pants on. I won’t tell anyone.

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