Cooking the Rainbow

This week, I have cooked and eaten the rainbow. I’ve learned about steaming, boiling, and roasting. I’ve learned how to maintain the color of vegetables while cooking them (it’s not as complicated as you would think) and I’ve learned how to dress the finished dish.
The problem… I may have ruined plain vegetables for myself.

There is a world of flavor to be had in properly cooked vegetables, perfectly seasoned, and sometimes hit with a touch of acid. If you are like me, you would throw green beans in to boil, or roast the sh** out of brussels sprouts. Butternut squash was basically mush when cooked, right? Wrong. Vegetables can be alive on the plate and bring just as much flavor and depth, if not more, than meat. The trick, you have to cook them right.

Two things I’ve learned over the last week.

1. I’ve been cooking the hell out of my vegetables for years and it totally ruins them.

2. Dressing your veggies with a little more than just salt can make a world of flavor difference and make the vegetable itself shine more.

Out of respect for Rouxbe and their course, I won’t go into the details of what they are teaching, but suffice it to say this past week changed the way I approach fresh vegetables. Here are a few shots from the lessons I had to turn in.

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