Completed the Rouxbe Course, in July

As you may have guessed from the name of this blog, I’m terrible about keeping up with it. Life gets hectic and my focus changes like the wind on a summer day. I haven’t posted on here since just a few weeks into the Rouxbe Pro Cook course. It was an intense, amazing experience that kept me cooking almost every day for 5 months. I cannot say enough good things about the course. I learned a tremendous amount of technique that I can apply to any new recipes (or recipe development) in the future. In July, I completed the final assignments and exams. I’m proud to say that I passed with a 98% and top in my cohort! Here is a picture of my final project dish. 

Goat cheese polenta with roasted beets, roasted cherry tomatoes, pan seared Wagyu strip with red wine and balsamic pan sauce.

My cooking goals for the future are to keep focusing on building my skills. Lately, I’ve been focusing on bettering my sushi technique. I’ve also picked up a few cookbooks in the last 6 months and plan to start working through some of them. One is on Ramen. Some of Thomas Keller’s books from his Yountville restaurants. Finally, I bought a copy of Modernist Cuisine at Home. I love comfort food, but I also love artful and delicious plates that take food beyond sustenance and into decadence. If I can keep up with it, I’ll be posting my trials and tribulations here.

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