Starting down the path of Ramen with Ramen Otaku

Over the last several months, I’ve tried to home in on what I felt would be a good focus for my culinary practice, at least for the first couple of months of the year. There were two things that I immediately decided to explore more.

  1. Japanese food, specifically sushi and ramen.
  2. Modernist/fine dining.

I realize those are both HUGE topics that could take a lifetime to master and have no expectations that I will good at any of them soon, but you can’t keep a guy from trying.

Honestly, I’ve been working on my sushi off an on for the last couple of months and I feel that is starting to come along. Ramen? That’s another story altogether. I decided to approach it by getting the book Ramen Otaku. Who else could teach me ramen better than a middle-aged white woman who runs a ramen restaurant in Nashville, TN? Seriously, I flipped through the book in the Amazon store and decided to buy it on the spot. The pictures are great, the writing is funny, and the recipes straightforward and down to earth.

I spent the early evening visiting a ramen shop in the Japanese Grocery and shopping for supplies. Tomorrow I tackle making the broth, dashi, and a host of tare and seasonings. I’m looking forward to the weekend and trying to make my first bowl of ramen from scratch. I’ll try to remember to take lots of pictures and get them posted here.

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