First bowl of ramen… complete.

Wow. Two days of work and I was able to put it all in the bowl for dinner this evening. As I mentioned in my previous post, I bought the book Ramen Otaku and decided my first culinary goal for 2019 was to make ramen, from scratch. Well, everything from scratch except the noodles. Given I’m not actually supposed to eat very much wheat, I figured it best to just pull frozen, and professionally made, noodles from the freezer as needed.

I had a laundry list of recipes to make for this.

It’s always good to make sure you don’t miss anything.

It was just before lunchtime on Saturday and I didn’t want to stay up too late, so I decided to use the pressure cooker for the Chintan broth. I blanched some chicken feet and broke down a whole chicken, reserving the breast for the koji chicken recipe. I then packed it all tightly in the pressure cooker pot and let it sit in the fridge for an hour to let the gelatin in the feet form a raft on top of the chicken. Finally, I covered it in water and set it to high pressure for 90 minutes.

After letting the pressure release naturally, I pulled the bits out and let it sit with fresh sliced ginger for another 45 minutes while it cooled. Finally, I strained the ginger out and was left with a BEAUTIFUL, fatty, gelatinous chicken stock.

In the meantime, I made a million other recipes, at least it seemed that way. Rayu (a spicy paste added as flavoring), dashi, soy marinade for the ramen eggs, pickled woodears, and the miso tare.

At this point, I was pretty tired and everything else needed to sit overnight. I decided to wrap up the night by making some sushi for dinner. While I didn’t make the octopus salad myself, I did make the pickled ginger.

Finally, we get to today, where I wrapped it up by making the ramen eggs (I need to work on peeling these), garlic chicken fat, koji chicken, and then putting it all together.

Deanna doesn’t really like to eat noodles, so the picture below has my noodles in the upper left pot while I make her shirataki noodles in the skillet. On the right I started by adding a tablespoon of the chicken fat, then 2 cups of the chicken stock and 1/2 cup of dashi.

While this was going, I prepped the bowls, adding more chicken fat, miso tare, and, in my bowl, some of the spicy rayu.

All that was left was to add the broth, noodles, and toppings. Finally, the finished bowl. It was rich, fatty, and delicious. I especially liked the addition of the rayu to give it a little kick, as well as the pat of butter to add just a bit more richness. This is a winter ramen for sure, but I wouldn’t hesitate to eat it into late Spring. Deanna made the comment that it left her feeling warm inside. I consider this experiment a smashing success and can’t wait to start trying some variations. Since most of the ingredients will keep for a month or so in the fridge, and even longer in the freezer, you can make them as you have time and just pull them out to make a bowl when you are feeling the need. The single serve noodle packs are perfect for this.

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