First Two Weeks on Keto

Tomorrow marks my first two weeks of a strict Keto reset. I am aiming for slightly more than one month, going through at least the end of March. So far so good. It hasn’t been hard at all to stick to the diet. I did find myself thinking about a nice gin and soda water the other day and I’ve certainly eyed some deserts on Instagram, but overall it’s been a breeze to stay on the path. I stay pretty evenly full throughout the day and even had a coffee with ghee and MCT oil one day, which ended up becoming my lunch as I wasn’t hungry enough after to actually eat.

Looking at the scale stats, I started at 169 lbs and 17.8% body fat. As of this morning, I was at 163 lbs and 16.5% body fat. That is a big improvement, particularly around body fat. I can tell it in my side profile. The other day, I wore a pair of jeans I haven’t worn in 6 months. I’m excited to see how it continues to progress over the course of the next few weeks.

To aid things along and give me a boost to my overall health, I also signed up at a gym. I’m particularly interested in the treadmill (too wet and cold to run outside) and the free weights. It’s Planet Fitness, but I was impressed by all of the equipment they have. The free weight section isn’t for bodybuilders, but I’m no bodybuilder. It’s super cheap, which went a long way toward convincing me to give them a try.

Overall, I’d say my energy is pretty good. I don’t notice a huge change in my resting energy, however I’ve been able to run several times this week, this morning for 30 minutes without slowing down or stopping. My stamina was surprising. I do feel a little weaker when I’m finished. I started taking an electrolyte supplement, which is helping.

Friday night’s dinner was rib steak with butter and herbs.

Rib steak with herbs and butter

This evening I decided to try the butter chicken recipe from KetoConnect. I’ve been watching their youtube videos for a few days and have really grown to like them. They are super informative and, best of all, are real people. I highly suggest checking them out and subscribing to their channel. Here are a few pictures from dinner this evening. The naan was OK, especially soaked in the curry, but it’s no where near the real thing. Coconut flour can only do so much.

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