Truth Is, I Love Food Too Damn Much To Be So Limited

Three weeks down and five pounds lost. Given the hype of Keto, I honestly expected more of a change. The entire last week was a net zero as I gained a couple of pounds and then saw it come back off. I started week two at the gym and that is going OK, but I definitely notice a difference in the energy levels I’ve had in the gym in the past. My runs have been OK. Lifting has been particularly hard, especially on my legs. I’ve also had more trouble with the eczema on my hands the last couple of weeks. I can’t tell if that is the changing weather or a result of all of the cheese I’ve been eating. My eyes have been dry and even with downing water, many mornings I’ve been waking up with a headache. I also haven’t noticed a cognitive boost as my body switched to burning fats. I think much of that is my diet before consisted of primarily whole foods and not a lot of processed junk. Certainly no fast food.

I’ve learned some good lessons. Yes, certain spices tend to bother me more than others. No, tomatoes aren’t as bad as I originally thought, as long as I don’t combine them with starches; Texas style chili is fine, chili loaded with beans, not so much. The change to focusing on my diet got me back in the gym and I feel great about that decision. I’m in the process of making that a habit as I go on the way home from work. If I can make that an almost daily habit, I won’t really have to worry too much about having a cheat day here or there. Over the years, I have done really well on a generally Paleo diet and I think that’s where the win is for me. Try to stick to real food, with a focus on dropping simple carbs. Limit sugar intake, no potatoes (I’m intolerant, even of sweet potatoes), and save sugary baked goods for really special occasions.

Tonight, I walked the isle of Powell’s Bookstore in the cookbook section and looked at all of the wonderful books on food writing and technique. I was a bit sad as I looked at the books because I viscerally, passionately love cooking and food in its many forms. Yes, that even includes the occasional baking of something I shouldn’t eat. It includes sushi with rice, and includes a fancy cocktail. The truth is, I love food too damn much to be so limited. I’m not overweight, so for me Keto was an experiment to see how I feel, if burning fat could make me think better (it hasn’t) and to see if I could take off a few extra pounds I’ve put on in the last year. For me, the payoff vs the extreme nature of the diet doesn’t balance out. Different ways for different bodies is very true. I’ve seen so many amazing photos of people and read great stories of success in the Keto community. I wish them best of luck. This diet feels like losing a big part of who I am and there isn’t really a true need to make that decision.

So experiment over. I know I won’t be sticking with it, so no need to push myself to the end of March with this plan. I’m looking forward to putting a banana in my shake tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “Truth Is, I Love Food Too Damn Much To Be So Limited

  1. Your experience with Keto sounds a lot like mine, Mark: The promised benefits never quite materialized, and there were a lot more downsides than I had imagined. As you say, “different ways for different bodies.” I’m glad you’re listening to YOUR body and returning to a broader diet. Enjoy your sushi with rice! 🙂

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    1. Thank you for your comment! It’s great to know that I’m not the only one who felt that way. You see all of the results pictures and hear how people are thinking more clearly, etc. My wife mentioned one big difference is a lot of those people may be going from eating fast food and sugar to the diet so the results would be far more dramatic.

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      1. Your wife makes an excellent point, Mark! I generally eat a healthy diet also (mostly veggies), so maybe my results would have been more dramatic if I’d been subsisting on Twinkies. Gosh. Now you have me thinking of a whole new experiment! 🙂


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