The self actualized life – what this blog is really about

I struggled to name this blog originally, basing the name on the fact that it never seems like I actually keep up with these things. A thousand ideas went through my head on what I wanted to write about. This was further complicated by the recommendations that say your blog should be focused around a single topic if you want to build a larger readership. Part of the reason for my letting blogs go has been the fact that I oftentimes switch from one activity to another, so a singularly-focused blog sees no love as my attention makes that transition.

Ultimately, what I’ve realized is that my activities all revolve around one thing, me being the best version of me that I can be. In a previous post, I talked about self actualization and created a specific category for those topics. In truth, this whole blog is about just that. So, my readership may not grow to huge numbers and that’s fine! This blog is still likely to mostly be about food, but along the way I’ll also talk about the tools and processes I use to work on keeping myself organized as well as improving myself along the path.

In the end, all we can hope for is to live a happy life, full of meaning. Hopefully some of what I share can help you on your path as well. Let’s walk this road together.

So, today I change the name of this blog to “The Self-Actualized Life”.

One thought on “The self actualized life – what this blog is really about

  1. I can’t imagine a better road to walk than one to a happier, richer, more fulfilling life. So … congratulations on your new blog name! I’ll be eager to see where this path leads, Mark.

    PS: I never bought into the advice that a blog should be about only one thing. People aren’t just about one thing (unless they’re unhealthily obsessed). So why would we expect personal blogs to be monolithic? If you keep writing about things you find genuinely interesting, I’ll keep following along — whether it’s food, Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, or getting bored with a Paleo diet. 🙂


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