Cooking the Rainbow

This week, I have cooked and eaten the rainbow. I’ve learned about steaming, boiling, and roasting. I’ve learned how to maintain the color of vegetables while cooking them (it’s not as complicated as you would think) and I’ve learned how to dress the finished dish.The problem… I may have ruined plain vegetables for myself. There is a world of flavor to be had in properly … Continue reading Cooking the Rainbow

Starting Rouxbe’s Pro Cook Course

Tuesday is a big day for me. I will be officially starting Culinary School with They are an online school with certification programs which are aimed at working professionals. It seems they do the training for the Marriott hotels, Whole Foods, and a few other large hospitality companies. I’m certainly not bad in the kitchen, but I want to take my “home cook” status and push myself … Continue reading Starting Rouxbe’s Pro Cook Course